Sunday, May 18, 2014


As the school year approaches its close, college-bound high school seniors battle the mounting stress from combating senioritis and waiting to finally cross over to the next stage in life. Most graduating students are planning to live up the last few days of senior year at Disneyland, but a small group have chosen instead to de-stress at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. Why forgo "The Happiest Place on Earth"? 

Shakespeare students are looking forward to quality time with nature, a variety of delectable foods, exposure to diverse cultures, and of course the education and entertainment of William Shakespeare's renowned literary works. A majority of the travelling students have already ready several of Shakespeare's works throughout high school, and watching these works performed in the flesh is a fitting conclusion to this chapter of our lives. 

For those interested in the educational aspect of this school trip, for the parents who wish to see what mischief we are up to, and for the curious viewers who may be contemplating attending next year's Shakespeare Festival, stay tuned!

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